Open Banking: Can banking’s technological laggards meet the challenge?

Open Banking has now properly kicked off. With the battle lines drawn, Chris Goodfellow wonders whether the incumbent banks can make their offerings more business friendly.

What is open banking?

Open Banking is billed as a way for customers to gain more control over – and benefit from – their own data. Rebecca O’Connor explains more.

The Opportunities of Open Banking for SME Banks | Accenture Insights

While incumbent banks are just getting used to open banking opportunities, third parties have stepped in to offer highly innovative SME banking products. Now is the time for banks to embrace the developments, diversify portfolios and create competitive partnerships.

Learnings from Open Banking in the UK to be Presented at IDENTIFY 2018 Australia

With the nine largest current account providers in the UK mandated by the government to follow the UK Open Banking Standard, CTO Chris Michael’s role is to lead the technical teams to design and deliver this standard.

Big, bold and beneficial: Open Banking explained

Open Banking is the latest innovation that will make it easier to manage your personal finances. It’s just 20 years since banking started to expand beyond the branch and do increasingly more through the internet. It’s even less time since smart phones revolutionised the way we manage our finances. But now, big changes are coming once more in the shape of Open Banking.

GDPR, PSD2 Regs Could Benefit Fraudsters

New data regulations from the European Union aim to offer protection for cardholders, but GDPR and PSD2 may also be creating opportunities for thieves. In a recent webinar, Ethoca explores what every merchant needs to know.

PSD2 and Open Banking Biometric Authentication Market to Reflect Impressive Growth Rate by 2025

The Research report presents a complete assessment of the market and contains Future trend, Current Growth Factors, attentive opinions, facts, historical data, and statistically supported and industry validated market data. The study is segmented by products type, application/end-users. The research study provides estimates for Global PSD2 and Open Banking Biometric Authentication Forecast till 2025.

11 design principles for payments in the age of open banking –

Jakob Schniewind, EY Innovalue, and Josef Mayerhofer, Empatic: For assessing the overall UX quality of a payment gateway we have devised eleven simple rules.
Digital leaders like Apple, Google and Spotify have shaped consumers’ expectations regarding user experience (UX). Big tech is using sizable teams of psychologists, designers, and engineers to deliver intelligible and even addictive digital experiences. It comes as no surprise that consumers apply these high standards to digital offerings of banks and payment providers as well.

Hogan Lovells Engage | Open Banking Mexican style

In 2014, in the UK, at the time the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) carried out its investigation into the retail banking market, there were around 70 million active personal current accounts (PCAs), with market penetration of around 97% of adults.

11:FS Presents – The Beginner’s Guide to Open Banking

If you’ve been listening to the news at all in the last few months, you’ve likely run across the term Open Banking – a lot. The internet is awash with articles, thought pieces, blogs, books and podcasts on Open Banking. It’s a full-time job keeping up with the latest trends and following the right people. That’s why at 11: FS we’ve put together the authoritative resource on Open Banking. Whether you’re new to Open Banking or a bonafide guru, we’ve cut through the noise to bring you the go-to guide.