ING Ventures invests in open banking platform Cobase

Cobase is a multibank platform that helps international customers in handling different bank accounts by providing payments, cash management and treasury services, all in one place. ING Ventures, The post ING Ventures invests in open banking platform Cobase appeared first on Compelo Banking.

U.S. way behind the curve on open banking #BANKTREASON

BankThink – U.S. way behind the curve on open banking. Across North America, policymakers, fintech companies, and financial services firms are finally beginning an earnest dialogue about open banking. The Senate Banking Committee recently touched on the issue at a Sept. 18 hearing — one of the first official discussions in the halls of Congress.

Swisscom and CA Technologies launch Open Banking Hub | The Paypers

US-based CA Technologies has entered a strategic alliance with Switzerland-based telco Swisscom to create an Open Banking Hub.

FreeAgent one of the first UK companies to secure Open Banking registration from FCA

FreeAgent, the award-winning, and innovative cloud accounting software provider, has received new credentials from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) enabling it to provide Open Banking services.

Open Banking – Setting the standards that put the customer in control of their finances.

How does it work? Open Banking is a secure way for you to use financial products and services from regulated apps and websites. It’s easiest to explain how it works with examples: watch the video to find out more.

Zopa CEO Talks Credit, Innovation and Open Banking

Zopa is a pioneering financial services company that offers loans and investments. It has approved more than £3bn in personal loans since it came to life in 2005, a journey which earned it a reputation as Europe’s leading peer-to-peer consumer lender.

TCS Open Banking API Framework

Helping banks evolve into a digitally integrated financial services provider by harnessing APIs and micro services…

Understanding What Open Banking Means | NexJ Systems Inc.

This blog explains what Open Banking means while evaluating its implications and applications for financial services.

World Digital Banking Summit Amsterdam: Fraud Prevention in a Mobile & Open Banking Era

How to secure electronic transactions and prevent identity fraud while enhancing customer experience and trust?