Payments VALUE or HYPE – Real Opportunities vs Distractions

This article is intended for those pragmatically focused on growing mainstream sustainable payments businesses now. If you want to consider sexy or outside chance plays, then perhaps this is not for you.   This article lists what we see as the top key payments industry

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DAY 2 Innovation Project: Who’s powering the New Payment Rails?

Read more from our PayX analysts from Day 2 of Innovation Project 2016   Fireside chat with Charlie Scharf – CEO – Visa • The kinds of services they’ve delivered for many years to Issuers, they now need to direct their attention to merchants and

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DAY 1 Innovation Project: Who’s enabling Payments Innovation?

 DAY 1  kicked off yesterday in the grand surroundings of Harvard University, USA. Our PayX analysts are there alongside some of the most meaningful minds, emerging disruptors and entrepreneurial visionaries in the worlds of payments and commerce. Here are some of their highlights and observations from

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The Mobile Wallet Infographic

Kindly provided by M For Mobile. For more information on this and The Mobile Wallet Summit 2013 visit their site at

Mobile payments taking the UK by storm

The UK is seeing something of a boom in mobile payments of late. Recently Barclays launched its Pingit smartphone app that lets UK users transfer up to £750 a day to family, friends and small businesses. With nearly half a million downloads its success surprised

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