The Biggest topic at Money2020 Europe was….Platforms!

by PayX Group CEO, Adrian Hausser Glad my talk was “Build Platforms, load Data, make Money” all based on what Asia’s Ant Financial (Alipay and Alibaba) and Tencent (wechat) is doing so smack in middle of topic of interest ! Fintech continue to advance, crypto

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16 Blockchain Disruptions (Infographic)

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Asia FinTech Success Rolling Global

Article by Adrian Hausser, CEO PayX Group   500 credible new FinTech players   The Asia FinTech Festival event in Singapore is quite an impressive eye opener. In just one place about 500 credible new players/companies are chasing new value customer propositions and business models,

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Payments VALUE or HYPE – Real Opportunities vs Distractions

This article is intended for those pragmatically focused on growing mainstream sustainable payments businesses now. If you want to consider sexy or outside chance plays, then perhaps this is not for you.   This article lists what we see as the top key payments industry

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Payments FinTech Bubble – Where next?

A key question affecting everyone in Payments, we look at opinions from both sides from market specialists. What we know for sure is that few FinTechs have hit it big, of course the golden question is, which are the lucky few doing what & who get to play and win?

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UBER-ising Your Payments Customer Experiences – Key Success Criteria

Straight from Harvard…   PayX International recently was involved in the Innovation Project 2016 held at the Memorial Hall, Harvard University, in association with The surroundings and architecture were magnificent and one marvels at the history and discussions and debates that must have taken

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PAYMENT FUTURES: To play or not to play, that is the question

PAYMENT FUTURES: What to do When   Is 2016 the year that all the promises of mass consumer adoption of new payment mechanisms finally occur? Or will it be another year of trials, debate, pilots and incumbents simply having one eye open for new, and

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