PayX – Open APIs – New Value Propositions in Payments

At the Payments Knowledge Forum (PKF) in London, PayX delivered a powerful presentation – ‘Open APIs -New Value Propositions in Payments’.       This detailed and informative presentation covers: What is an API? How APIs can facilitate how you monetise your company assets How

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PayX on the CA API Academy Panel at APIdays, London – 23rd Sep

The CEO of PayX Adrian Hausser will be on the CA API Academy Panel at APIdays London on the 23rd September. APIdays is an event on APIs for Banking, Finance, Insurance and Payment industries. To find out more about the conference go to

APIs could unlock much needed banking industry transformation

Banks will need to open up their transactional data via API in order to maintain their foothold in a financial services ecosystem that is halfway through a decade-long industry-wide disruption, PayX CEO Adrian Hausser said Tuesday at the API Academy’s API360 Summit in London. Hausser’s company, PayX, is

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Payments APIs – The last mile to realising the Holy Grail in Payments?

Recently, three of the world’s biggest financial services firms—Mastercard, Visa and Citi—have promised to ditch their insular approach and open up their platforms to partners. APIs in Payments has become the forefront of Bank strategies to not only retain but grow market share, grow traction

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