Success in Payments means New Value on Existing Infrastructure – PayX Industry News

Success in Payments means New Value on Existing Infrastructure – PayX Industry News

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Top Stories

EMV: U.S. Won’t Make October Deadline

What will the next era of payments look like? – PayX

Payment and Fraud Trends to Look for in 2015


Payments Vendor News

Retailers Can Profit From Their Acquirer: An Introduction To Merchant Web Portals – RS2 Whitepaper

ACI Worldwide Confirms Commitment to ReD Shield with Multimillion Dollar Investment Plans

Alaric Introduces New Version of Fractals to Modernize Payment Fraud Detection

OpenWay rolls out WAY4 Host Card Emulation

ACI Worldwide, Inc. Amended Statement of Ownership

ACI Worldwide Partners with LD Systems to Deliver Flexible Kiosk Payment Solution

PayGate and ReD enter strategic alliance


Payments News

‘Digital’ & ‘Omnichannel’ in Banking Remains Elusive

In the Details: Building a Tip Jar for the Credit Card Era

Pay friends with GMAIL: Google rolls out feature that lets you ‘attach’ money to emails

Visa Pushes Tokens For Apple Pay — And Beyond

Consumers Still Slow to Buy In to Mobile Payments

Notes and coins will be overtaken by cashless payments within weeks – The Times

Credit card metadata gives shoppers’ identities away – research

The Third Wave of IT – What Business Are You In?

Payments infrastructure must support member choice

The Battle to Bank Millennials

Facebook Inc. Could Push Apple Pay Over the Top

GOOGLE CHAIRMAN: ‘The Internet Will Disappear’

Amazon Kills Its Mobile Wallet App Just Six Months After Release

Is Apple Pay Eyeing Corporate Cards?

Celent – Apple Pay: A Few Surprises. Or Are They Really Surprises?

Starbucks & Building Mobile Payments from an Established Base

Supreme court rejects retailers’ attempt to cut bank fees on debit cards

Deloitte: Mobile payment volumes to increase 1000% in 2015

The 8 Different Types of Card Fraud

THE MOBILE-PAYMENTS REPORT: Apple Pay’s Ramp-Up, New In-Store Payments Forecast, And The Mobile Wallet Wars

In-store Wi-Fi Boosts Customer Loyalty 28 Percent

Building a Better Delivery Model in Banking

Google Sues Visa, MasterCard After $5.7B Fee MDL Opt-Out


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