Register Now for Payment Asia Summit 2019

Register Now for Payment Asia Summit 2019

Across Asia, digital payments are on the rise due to supportive government policies, evolving consumer behavior and the dizzying pace of technological innovation, payment service providers face enormous pressure from a wide range of competitors. Key stakeholders in the payment ecosystem, including banks, alternative payment providers, as well as telecom operators and retailers have driven the boundaries of digital payment through continuous innovation and collaboration, providing users with unprecedented new features.

The summit will gather policymakers, analysts and industry leaders to discuss regulatory conditions, R&D innovation, payment supply chains, and marketing and business development strategies for payment in the Asia-Pacific region. It will provide a platform for attendees to share firsthand experiences and high-level knowledge, as well as network with industry peers from around the world. 

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What You Will Gain from Attending?

  • Firsthand experiences from policymakers and industry experts, detailing the latest developments in the global and Asia Pacific payment sectors
  • In-depth analysis of payment platforms and infrastructure development 
  • Cutting-edge innovation in the payment industry, including latest applications, aggregate payment, and E-Wallet functions
  • The latest trends for payment security and applications for new technologies 
  • Detailed look at payment market demand and improvements to the user experience 
  • Opportunity to network with potential clients and business partners from across the region 
  • Firsthand testimony on the development of payment platforms and infrastructure 
  • Opportunities to exchange knowledge with policymakers and industry experts 

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