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Payments Market and Vendors Analysis Report 2023 Edition


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Is your Payments Infrastructure delivering to all your current and future needs?

Looking for something better?

Don’t have the time or budget for months of research?

Can you afford not to do world class due diligence?

The reality is any vendor responding to a prospect will always pitch positively; we do deep independent analysis as Payments Market Analysts and tell it the way it is.

The PayX Acquiring and Switching report gives you a detailed summary of each of the top vendors and their products in the industry, scores them on a variety of criteria, provides customer feedback and summarises it all in an easy to view, side by side scores comparison.

The report delivers to 4 points:

1. Market analysis
2. Future proofing infrastructures approaches and techniques
3. Metrics used to evaluate vendors/products in the new world
4. Vendors and products results and side by side scores

The PayX Acquiring and Switching Vendor Comparison Report in its 11th year, presents an in-depth objective analysis on the top 18 payments software vendors/products.

This report gives you further insight into the incumbent acquiring and switching vendors and solutions who can play a key role as you address the opportunities and challenges of your future

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