Delivering the Bigger Picture

Delivering the Bigger Picture

Portfolio Flip – PayX consultants helped this specialist credit card issuer determine the financial implications of switching their card file between the two major international card schemes thereby enabling them to make an informed decision regarding a portfolio flip.

This organisation was approached directly by a competing card scheme to their existing supplier. In response the management team were interested in examining the potential benefits of migrating its portfolio but was short of resources with the required skill set to conduct a proper assessment

The PayX consultants assigned to the project conducted a high level cost assessment based upon the organisation’s transaction data forecasts and supplemented the analysis with a medium term assessment to provide a longer term view for the client.

The analysis was further augmented with: an examination of the interchange fee revenue differential between the two card schemes; as well as a high level assessment of the costs involved in replacing plastics and other collateral in a ‘big bang’ scenario.

The broader analysis that PayX provided enabled the client to take a holistic, measured view on deciding whether it was financially beneficial for them to partner with the competing card scheme.

Whereas the organisation had originally intended to confine the cost assessment, and its decision, to a simple comparison of the scheme fee costs it was likely to incur with each of the major card schemes, PayX were able to bring deeper insight and a broader perspective to the project.

PayX were able to work with the organisation to focus in on the total financial impact to them thereby allowing the final decision to be made based on all salient facts.

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