Payment Systems Migration

Payment Systems Migration

Payments System migration – PayX provides highly skilled implementation services to our clients globally. Over the last 7 years migrating payments systems from one platform, version or product has become more of a standard service than custom projects.

This recent success was the number 1 Bank in a European country. The bank had a core acquiring/switching (BASE24) with a Card Management System (ACI CMS) and their own custom sub-systems all working on an HP NonStop hardware platform. The Bank had purchased next generation HP NonStop technology and so the complete production payment system serving a large percentage of the country had to be migrated flawlessly. PayX in close partnership with HP NonStop Division provided turnkey migration services so that the migration was lowest risk. PayX customers can be confident that we understand the entire payments ecosystem including the business they are running. We work holistically with a total system integration mentality and know that any one detail from any source or level can provide issues hence our turnkey approach.

Running a Production Payments business and infrastructure robustly 7*24 is hard enough especially with the numbers of maintenance changes compliance now demands. However migrating the complete infrastructure from one hardware platform or product to another is a completely different category of challenge – No Bank or Processor can afford a go-live failure with extended outages or worst still incorrect or lost financial transactions. Many banks and even processors have staff in-house who operate the applications and systems but rarely do they create completely new systems or configurations. As time evolves the need for these complete payments migrations occur and that is where PayX, often in close partnership with HP NonStop for the top tier payment systems, solves a crucial challenge.

PayX has several payments migration teams, standard methodology and tools that we deploy to customer sites for the duration of projects. We know how long a standard migration takes and we have proven project schedules we revise through questionnaires before we start to estimate and agree the project. In the first week onsite we review, validate and agree the project schedule, dependencies and all details. We utilise the customer expertise and any 3rd parties as available throughout the project. We incorporate good visibility governance so that any risks and issues are managed early no matter where they occur. We work at the ultimate oversight level so the total migration project is kept on track, even if we are not capable of delivering any component ourselves (such as source code changes that can only be done by a product vendor). We ensure the quality by satisfying ourselves that adequate testing is performed and passed at all points. We move the project through its stages and then we prepare a go-live (and back out contingency) plan and go-live. We monitor all aspects of the newly migrated payment system to ensure success and then we wrap up and handover to the customer. It’s a standard process performed by our teams, comprising of many of the world’s top payments experts. Even though it is standard every single project has its own events and issues we need to resolve as we go. We deliver quality, on time and on budget – ask our customers.

This migration had the normal challenges of vendor deliverables not being on time or quality sometimes, also the customer picture in week one turned out not quite accurate, and also the customer wanted some mentoring/training plus fine tuning of configuration that was more desirable than mandatory. We accommodated all the extra requests, we delivered on time, on budget and the go-live was completely successful. The Customer’s BASE24 HP NonStop system and sub-systems was moved without Consumer impact.

By working with PayX, the client achieved their number 1 goal in reality; migrating of a production payment system without impact to end consumers.

Simply put we delivered what we said: Quality, On-time and On-Budget. We have a constant track record of the same and will continue to deliver to our reputation.

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