PayX subscription Market Analyst service positioned to support payments “super-value creation stage” in the industry

PayX subscription Market Analyst service positioned to support payments “super-value creation stage” in the industry

PayX newsPayX subscription Market Analyst service positioned to support payments “super-value creation stage” in the industry

London, Atlanta and Buenos Aires: 12th November 2013 – In direct response to rapidly increasing demand for its wider known PayX-Knowledge™ services suite, PayX moves its Market Analyst service to a subscription model and increases its focus to address customer demand creating “super-value” from their payments business. Global pressures, new players and opportunities push payments businesses to achieve substantially improved profitability ratios. These ratio levels require radical change and the challenge is substantial. For the last 5 years, PayX Market Analyst services have increasingly assisted customers around the globe by delivering far reaching insights into industry movement, close analysis of others’ experiences, and assessment of solutions in reality verses marketing. Customers use PayX Market Analyst services to gain insight, clarity and confidence to navigate paths to success, often finding that PayX triggers fast forward progress to winning “go to” market propositions. The PayX Market Analyst subscription model ensures an affordable continuity of service engagement over time maximising value and minimising risks.

Adrian Hausser, CEO PayX Group, stated “The payments industry is moving full speed towards what we call the ‘super-value creation stage’. This is where payments become an enabler and subset of commerce, intersecting with the mega worlds of retail and corporate commerce. All businesses are being forced to find next tiers of profitability, and payments plus its data has the ability to enable next generation profits in commerce. It’s something along the lines of Bank3.0, banks rejuvenating alongside a new consumer base, but larger than only banks. This radically changes the payments landscape and we see it already happening today with increased PayX engagements around creating future payments infrastructures. It’s exciting and hence this PayX Market Analyst subscription service enables us to be more aligned and centric to adding value to our customers with these changes. We see a clear value service proposition to assisting our traditional customers of banks, processors and vendors, and perhaps most telling to the size of change here, our engagements are increasing with new customers, new operational payments players and most interestingly increased engagement with the investment world of private equity and financial analysts. It’s a superb time to be in Payments, and we are very fortunate that PayX is a powerful established trusted payments knowledge provider working around the globe with the top payments organisations, and now this Market Analysts subscription service helps create more win-wins.”

PayX delivers trusted objectivity and independence. A US Bank customer quoted “PayX provides a consistent unique ability to bring clarity, insight and value into what is happening in the payments industry”. PayX customers gain from real pragmatic experiences, rather than academic market research, that they can use to implement tomorrow’s payments solutions while leveraging today’s infrastructures.

About PayX

Since 1996, PayX has been a successful independent international Payments Knowledge Provider™ delivering trusted quality valued services. PayX is one of the very few focused payments services companies that truly works end-to-end from strategic market analysis, business solutions through to operational implementation. PayX works with top traditional payments organisations, banks, processors, ISOs and vendors as well as the investment community of private equity banks, Wall Street analysts, institutional investors. PayX customers benefit from the values of a long term international partner focused on the win-win of combined business enhancement as its core. PayX’s payments knowledge, service history and commitment to innovation, complements any payment organisation’s Business initiatives.

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