Mobile payments are becoming a major addition to the payments processing landscape and the pace of change is ubiquitous.  The mass market adoption of the mobile payments technologies (particularly NFC) can be specifically likened to the move to chip over the last 8-10 years.

With continually improving device and network capabilities, mobile phones present unique opportunities in the mobile financial services arena, which are now being leveraged by industry value chain participants.

Mobile Financial (Payments) Services Interoperability projects (MFSi)

PayX has a wealth of previous experience with Mobile Financial (Payments) Services Interoperability projects (MFSi) which includes writing national standards for mobile payments services; initiating what is probably the world’s first National MFSi scheme and PayX has many decades successfully implementing and managing shared payment infrastructures.

Mobile Projects are often flawed very early on by not addressing the lnteroperability challenges and foundations necessary.

PayX helps bring all the players in a national/regional proposition together ensuring all perspectives are clear and understood for a solid future.

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Mobile Payments Workshops

PayX have designed a range of workshops to provide an understanding of the mobile landscape and likely impacts to organisations and their consumers.

Executive Workshop

A two hour Executive briefing session designed to inform and provide a common understanding to your Executive team of the status of the mobile marketplace today.

Mobile Market Landscape Workshop

A one day workshop providing an analysis of the wider mobile landscape and the technologies involved.

PayX-DPE™ Mobile Discovery Workshop

A One Day Discovery Workshop including the provision of the PayX Insight Report – Mobile Payments. The session focuses on working with your team to commence the planning phase for your mobile initiatives.

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