The Payments market is the fastest moving and most complex it has ever been. Understanding what is real versus hype or established versus pilot are all incredibly hard to reliably conclude. PayX operates every day pragmatically making payment systems work, all around the world, so we know what works and what does not. 
The PayX Market Analyst subscription service was created on demand from our customers. It gives customers fast market access mechanisms to get quality answers to adhoc queries by using PayX’s unique insightful knowledge & experienced experts, all at a flexible and low price point.
PayX customers of the Market Analyst Service are Banks, Processors, Vendors and the Investment Community of Private Investment Banks, Wall Street Analysts, VCs and Private Equity firms.
PayX, since 1996, proves year on year it significantly assists customers like you with knowledge, strategy, business cases, product selection, procurement, implementation projects and operational managed teams.

  • The PayX Market Analyst Subscription Service is a subscription commitment for a predetermined level over time, with a flexible structure  for large or small customers.
  • A significant key value of the service is that it enables you to approach PayX with any topic query at the exact time of the question and get fast results, meaning momentum is maintained so being efficient and saving everyone cost.
  • PayX on receiving a query will assess it and the potential effort to spend on it, varying from a 15 minutes segment up to multiple days. Whatever effort PayX used is then deducted from the established quota pre-agreed. There is mere simple email paperwork involved not formal Statements of Work etc. which all take time/effort and often not justifiable for fast queries.
  • PayX utilises its extensive network of staff, consultants and contacts in the industry to provide value add responses to any query.
  • You do not risk any charges if we cannot assist. We do not pretend to know everything but certainly many topics we have real world experience of by experts
  • Topics and initial discussions are by email and phone and in many cases the delivery outcomes are delivered by phone/email as well. Where appropriate, documents or presentations, or face to face engagement will also be part of the service, but in many cases the beauty of the Market Analyst service is that it is a fast, convenient exchange exactly when needed, coupled with a low cost structure by avoiding logistics and costs of scheduling and travelling.


Benefits of Market Analyst Subscription Service

  • Many times key value can be gained by a fast query at the right time in a process. It is the ability to reach quality people with quality knowledge at the exact time you need it; hence the PayX Market Analyst Service
  • The service opens available access to PayX at any time, without having to raise Statement of Work documents and signing off additional budget. The SOW and additional budgeting often is too lengthy and too much effort for small queries and so neither the customer nor PayX would connect had it not been for the enablement by the subscription service.
  • The Market Analyst service enables more context and continuity between you and PayX to be built. PayX with more context means over time higher quality deliveries specifically aligned to your world since we understand your nuisances better.
  • Ultimately we proactively bring solutions, enhancements and opportunities to you when we know it is relevant and of value to you, a true business partner relationship.
  • The efficiency and hence low costs involved make this service very attractive at a time when almost all payments organisations have a plethora of new and key questions occurring every week! We can help you cut through to the real answers quickly.


PayX Market Analyst Subscription Service is proven to deliver value – try us at no risk, you will like it!


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