Interchange fees are the 2nd largest revenue stream (behind interest income) for credit card Issuers and a major cost to card Acquirers. But over the past few years the area of Interchange Fees has become increasingly challenging and complex. On top of this the major international card schemes have made errors which have resulted in substantial financial adjustments when they eventually came to light. Many organisations struggle to keep pace with this in terms of real understanding, reliable internal reporting and active management of the fees.
Our Interchange Expert’s can ensure that your interchange fee position is being optimised  with our targeted review of your processes and models. PayX have unparalleled international experience in the optimisation of interchange fees and its subject matter complexities. Our experience in undertaking interchange fee reviews usually reveals opportunities to increase revenues and/or reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and deliver better targeted Management Information.
Assurance of interchange fee accuracy from an external, objective review of fee flows, or, highlighted areas where fee accuracy is impaired or requires further detailed examination.
Quality Assurance
Independent verification of your internal Interchange operating model and documentation with recommendations for improvements on effective management control and internal processes.
Peace of Mind
Take comfort that revenues, or cost savings, are not being lost and that your Interchange Operations have been optimised for future scheme changes.


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