PayX over the last 18 years has provided numerous customers with guidance on their Payments Infrastructure. This advice has covered all aspects of their businesses ranging from the technology required, the anticipated product roadmaps, to the service lines and business structure.

Over the last 3 years PayX consolidated this experience and developed a standard methodology which we call: PayX-DPE™ (Discovery, Plan, Effect). With PayX DPE we have been able to increase the power of our engagements with our clients by packaging our knowledge and expertise so that all stakeholders can quickly understand the challenges they face.

As the Payments industry continues through an unprecedented level of change fuelled by increasing consumer demand for new technology, payments vendors M&A activity and the need to replace older transaction processing infrastructure Banks and Processors have major decisions to make and review.

Time is now of the essence as an estimated 700 organisations find themselves in the same position of needing to evaluate their payments infrastructure at the same time. Those lagging behind in that decisioning process will rapidly become ‘one of the rest’, fighting to achieve priority attention from their preferred payments vendor to transition their organisation to a new future-proof strategy. The situation is made more challenging whilst maintaining their existing platform to meet the tactical demands such as scheme mandates, maintenance upgrades and consumer demands.

PayX-Discovery™ through a one day workshop introduces the key stakeholders within your organisation to the intense change taking place that is being fuelled by strategic moves within the vendor community across the card acquiring and payments arena. The Discovery phase involves an in-depth analysis of that activity and the options available to Banks and Processors in terms of future-proofing, risk containment and operational continuity.
The workshop also presents detailed information relating to industry activity and market drivers, the reasoning behind those and the steps that other Banks and Processors are taking to mitigate risk whilst creating a long-term strategy and maintaining business growth.

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