Can open banking revolutionise the protection market?

Open Banking platforms have been successful in increasing customer engagement across younger demographics…

ForgeRock Hosts Its First Ever Hackathon Dedicated to Open Banking Ecosystem

Contest Designed for Developers to Drive Innovation with Open Banking APIs; 21-23 September in London…

Open Banking: defining moment or doomed from the start?

The impending arrival of Open Banking in Australia may not be news to many in the financial industry. But judging by research we conducted recently, it certainly is to everyday consumers.Of the approximately 2,000 consumers we surveyed, a mere 17 percent were aware the government is implementing …

Open Banking Day

We are in the beginning of a rapid transformation of the financial landscape. The PSD2 legislation coming into effect next year will allow 3rd party providers to access bank accounts on behalf of their clients. The ambition is to increase competition between different players in the financial market, which in the end will lead to improved servicing of the end customers.

Tieto Open Banking Platform offers new business opportunities for banks

Tieto’s Open Banking Platform ensures bank compliance with PSD2 directive and seizes the opportunities for application programming interface data monetization.

Advise on API Business Development for Corporates in Open Banking

As far as I can see every company is making an Agile transformation.Whether that is very useful in all cases is up for serious debate, but most certainly it does hold merit when it comes to software……

Open banking: rollout with care

The rollout of open banking in Australia should be exercised with care, according to an expert from Experian….

The Mexican Fintech Revolution – ¿Qué onda in Open Banking?

Mexico has joined an elite group of nations, being amongst the first to pass open banking regulations. Specifically designed to open up its financial services and technology sector, the so-called ‘Fintech Law’ appears to have taken notes from PSD2, UK Open Banking, Singapore’s ‘organic’ approach,…

Will FI’s be ready by March 14 2019 for PSD2 open banking

As the clock counts down to when Financial Institutions (FIs) must be ready for external testing for PSD2 open banking it is interesting to see how ready, or not, all other parties are in the value chain. Most national competent authorities have nothing published about how and where they will provide updates on Third-Party Provider (TPP) registration and approvals and many still have to begin the process of even approving/registering TPPs with some EEA markets yet to even transpose the regulations to local law.

PSD2: Boon or Bane in the world of Open Banking

To many, the term Open Banking itself may be a misnomer as the concept involves banks giving end customers more control over the way their data is collected, used and shared with organisations who …