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January 2018 saw the arrival of Open Banking, landmark legislation that hands ownership of financial account information and data from the bank or building society to the customer. Six months into what was heralded as the start of a revolution in financial services, slow implementation by banks and building societies has prompted criticism that the initiative is more hype than about structural improvement. Yet, this ignores the fact we are at the very start of the journey, and realising the benefits that Open Banking will deliver to customers, providers, regulators and our economy as a whole, will take time.

Open banking will start a revolution, but it is taking its time

Born in a sea of hype on January 13, has so far fallen short of delivering the promised financial revolution. We have yet to see any “killer apps”, dramatic changes in consumer behaviour, sudden doses of competition or tectonic shifts in the UK banking market.
Mandated by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), open banking forces the UK’s biggest banks to share their data securely with approved third parties in areas including account information and payments, using a statutory set of application programming interfaces (APIs).

PSD2 and Open Banking Biometric Authentication Market Analysis and Forecast To 2025 By Recent Trends, Developments in Manufacturing Technology And Regional Growth Overview

PSD2 and Open Banking Biometric Authentication Market 2018 report covers the current market size and its growth rates based on 7-year forecast data along with key players profile of company/manufactures. The information on trends and developments, focuses on markets, capacities, technologies of the Global PSD2 and Open Banking Biometric Authentication Market.

Open Banking and Identity: Chris Michael Talks Current State, Trends and the Future

Less than 9 months after PSD2 came into effect, financial services are evolving in new ways that impact our concept of identity. Listen as Head of Technology for Open Banking Chris Michael talks about the current state of open banking, the challenges ahead, and the trends he sees in the space.

Open banking via API is a fact – SG CIB

Open banking via API is an integral component of the future of banking. Some in the industry will welcome that fact. Others will not.

Global PSD2 and Open Banking Biometric Authentication Market research report 2018

Global PSD2 and Open Banking Biometric Authentication market specialists and analysts assess the manufacturers in the market and deliver understandings to clear present and coming market trends, consumer expectations, invention, and competitive forces, working capital, enterprise value. PSD2 and Open Banking Biometric Authentication market also gives the insight of competitive analysis, geographical regions and conditions, type, applications, revenue, sales, consumption, and suppliers of PSD2 and Open Banking Biometric Authentication. 

Fintechs, Banks Await Regulation on Open Banking

Operators of financial technology (fintech) companies and banks have urged the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) be more innovative in designing the framework for open banking in the country.
Speaking recently at the KPMG Cyber Security Roundtable in Lagos, the Director, Banking and Payments System Department, Dipo Fatokun, said the central bank would soon make public, an exposure draft on open banking in the country.

Open banking: risk and opportunity

The imminent open banking scheme presents huge opportunities for Australian FinTechs, but comes with some very real risks, SocietyOne CEO Mark Jones said.

Tieto Open Banking Ecosystem | Tieto

Banking is experiencing a period of dramatic digital change as it enters the world of open APIs, driven by customer needs and initiated by PSD2 regulation. This gives you the opportunity to create multi-banking solutions, through new sales and marketing channels, that increase business volumes and help establish new commercial models. Through the Tieto Financial Aggregation Hub, we help you every step of the way to create an open banking strategy. 

Prepare for PSD2 with Strong Customer Authentication, Fraud Risk Management and Open Banking APIs

Banks will soon have to comply with the Revised Payment Service Directive, commonly called “PSD2.” The directive will introduce massive changes to the payments industry and radically alter the user experience for customers of European banks by allowing third party payment service providers (TPP)…