Will FI’s be ready by March 14 2019 for PSD2 open banking

As the clock counts down to when Financial Institutions (FIs) must be ready for external testing for PSD2 open banking it is interesting to see how ready, or not, all other parties are in the value chain. Most national competent authorities have nothing published about how and where they will provide updates on Third-Party Provider (TPP) registration and approvals and many still have to begin the process of even approving/registering TPPs with some EEA markets yet to even transpose the regulations to local law.

PSD2: Boon or Bane in the world of Open Banking

To many, the term Open Banking itself may be a misnomer as the concept involves banks giving end customers more control over the way their data is collected, used and shared with organisations who …

Cultivate your bank to compete in Open Banking ecosystems

Alan McIntyre pictures Open Banking ecosystems as Venus flytraps for growth. Read the post.

What is open banking and how does it work?

Open banking is a banking industry innovation which continues to take shape in various financial markets. What is it all about?

Banks must embrace, not fight, open banking regulations

The best thing a banker can do today is regard the U.K. as a real-world fintech laboratory, track developments closely and seek opportunities to capitalize on change, writes Naomi Bowman, managing director for Berkeley Research Group in London.

Large Banks Hurting Open Banking within the UK – LendIt Information | Satoshi Nakamoto Blog

RBS and Barclays have acquired criticism currently for not launching their very own open banking APIs; although they’re compliant with the brand new regulation many imagine launching their very own APIs will assist to construct extra consciousness within the open banking initiative; 14 p.c of individuals between 18 and 24 years outdated have heard of

Open Banking in Australia – An Open Forum

Project deadlines that span a year or two aren’t usually nerve-racking. But, when it means making a significant change to your business strategy, internal systems and technology infrastructure, it can become a head scratcher.

Adventures in Open Banking: Understanding OAuth and OpenID Client Ecosystems

Pamela Dingle, Director of Identity Standards, Microsoft What happens when you need to create an open API ecosystem with robust security requirements

Why did ForgeRock build a model bank for testing open banking APIs?

Digital identity management specialist ForgeRock clearly sees the new open banking regulations popping up across the UK, Europe and New Zealand as a huge opportunity.

Open Banking driven forward by data-sharing youth, UK study shows | The Paypers

UK-based financial services consultant Altus has issued a survey revealing a higher rate of openness towards open banking among the young generation.