Defying Online Fraud Post US EMV Migration

Defying Online Fraud Post US EMV Migration

Such is the norm in the payments industry that the fundamentals of fraud are that it doesn’t go away, it just moves to point of least resistance.

On Tuesday, March 10, at 1 p.m. (EST), Dr. Thomas Rand-Nash, Director of Operations at Brighterion, Julie Conroy, Research Director at Aite Group and MPD CEO Karen Webster will discuss which vital tools merchants and issuers need as they suit up to fight the global CNP fraud war, and how artificial intelligence solutions will outsmart the cybergangs of today and tomorrow.

By the end of 2018, U.S. card-not-present fraud losses are expected to reach $6.4 billion. While the U.S. migrates to EMV to help prevent card-present fraud, the fraudsters are migrating their focus to the online world. Organized crime rings are increasingly nabbing funds in jaw-dropping, ever-intelligent cyber-schemes, causing CNP fraud to skyrocket.

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