Decreasing Volume-Increasing Value

Decreasing Volume-Increasing Value

According to a recent Gartner Press Release “The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013” we are in the middle of a race to the unknown future of payments applications.

There is no clear goal, no clear steps and the most important insufficient people. Therefore all processors, switches and institutions are walking the cost cutting path very rapidly.

In my day-to-day dealings with banks and processors in Greece and after involving in all major projects in the Greek Market I believe that this is the perfect timing to change priorities, goals and procedures. The main issue is that the transactions volume is going down on a daily basis. On the other hand the services and the prices have been discounted more than 50% in several cases followed by people cutting, mergers and acquisitions in order to comply with the new reality.

Looking at the Greek market at the end of 2011 there were almost 25 bank accounts active while starting 2013 the total is less then 20 and it is not the final cut.

The result is a tremendous reduction of transactions, loans, credit cards and generally speaking of credit scoring and cash flow in every field of payments industry.

The only way to extend the vision and bring back quality and volume is to remember the key words for all activities, procedures and aspects.

Value is the stairway to heaven of credibility, profit and the only lane to re-establish future trends and results desirable to boards and institutions globally.

Ownership of ideas, actions and plans melting everything to a cocktail against crisis to expostulate that we are and will be the leaders of next decade for all applications and services.

We’ve started to go ahead while we are working with a number of companies to forge a path to the future but we see many still stuck in the past making the same mistakes. What is clear to us is that these companies will not last over the long term and be present in the future frame of payments world.


  • By Despoina Timotheatou

    I so much agree with you! After all, value in every aspect and ownership in our jobs should always be our commitment!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts..

    • By Dimitris Papagiannis

      Thank you so much Despoina.
      You are a highly motivate and experienced executive and your support is always appreciated.
      Waiting to discuss your further thoughts in the near future!!

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