5 Things You Need To Know About PSD2

5 Things You Need To Know About PSD2 – Payment Services Directive – SEPA Payments info helping corporates navigate payments technology & industry trends

Boston Consulting Group: Cons and Pros from the PSD2

Imagine a world where digital giants have unconstrained access to hundreds of millions of individual bank accounts. Imagine they unleash their brand, technology, data and reach to bring new value propositions to these individuals. Imagine that they are followed by innovative and agile new entrants.

How Can Banks in Europe Prepare Themselves for PSD2?

This article talks about PSD2 regulations and how banks partner with FinTech.

PSD2 XS2A: Strategic alternatives for banks – HollandFintech.com

The article lists the strategic alternatives that banks can take to react to PSD2 XS2A reform that may change the future of banking.