2018 – The Year of PSD2, GDPR and Innovation

2018 is set to be a very interesting year – particularly if your role has anything to do with payments or data. The go live date for PSD2 is Saturday 13th January and GDPR a short five months later, on Friday 25th May. Both these high profile initiatives are being driven by the European Commission and the combined implications in terms of what needs to be done in order to comply with these directives are pretty hefty. And the impacts felt by both the industry and the consumer are set to be far reaching.

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How will banning credit card surcharging impact the uptake of PSD2 PISP transactions

PSD2 introduces two measures amongst others that potentially contradict each other and may limit their ability to hit the goals they set out to achieve

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Webinar: Open Banking APIs under PSD2: What are the security threats and solutions?

Join Finextra, Vasco as well as a number of leading experts for this webinar as we discuss the security threats and solutions to open banking APIs under PSD2.

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PSD2 and Open Banking Market 2017 Size, Share, Growth Analysis Forecast To 2022 – openPR

Press release – WISE GUY RESEARCH CONSULTANTS PVT LTD – PSD2 and Open Banking Market 2017 Size, Share, Growth Analysis Forecast To 2022 – published on openPR.com

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Banks vs fintechs: The battle is on

Banks will soon be competing with emerging fintechs as well as tech giants like Amazon or Facebook who seek to hijack the consumer journey.

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Open Banking Has Obstacles and Opportunities | PYMNTS.com

When it comes to open banking, there’s a clear choice in place: by fiat, which includes formal processes, or by evolution, which would imply letting the market dictate what happens. In Europe, of course, PSD2 looms large and soon, and financial institutions have been handed a roadmap for implementation of data sharing. Here in the United States, the road is less clearly defined.


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Impact of Open API Economy and Micro Services on Financial Industry

The advent of open API economy has potential to unleash a new wave of changes in the financial services industry. Bank Regulators are looking to drive better deals for the customers by generating more competition by innovating customer information sharing, transaction initiation, and payment mechanisms. Their efforts, along with changing customer sentiment, are creating both threats and opportunities as the open API economy emerges.

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Fintech CEO says tech giants like IBM may go on M&A ‘shopping spree’ for start-ups in 2018

Massive tech players like IBM and Capgemini could go on a mergers and acquisitions “shopping spree” for financial technology (fintech) start-ups next year, the chief of one such start-up has told CNBC.

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Open banking: a friend of foe to traditional banks? – Information Age

PSD2 is going to open up the entire banking market, as banks will have to share their data with third parties

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Agents cut credit card sales to allay financial impact of surcharge ban

Agents have started reducing credit card sales to pre-empt financial pressures from the impending government ban on surcharging

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