Defying Online Fraud Post US EMV Migration

Such is the norm in the payments industry that the fundamentals of fraud are that it doesn’t go away, it just moves to point of least resistance. On Tuesday, March 10, at 1 p.m. (EST), Dr. Thomas Rand-Nash, Director of Operations at Brighterion, Julie Conroy,

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EMV – Coming to Your Wallet in 2015

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EMV has been cracked, credit card cloning begins OMG – oh hang on maybe not!

The other day I came across this interesting article about cloning EMV cards it makes a number of pretty bold claims including the following: I differentiated pages instead using the EMV Unpredictable Number field – a 32 bit field that’s supposed to be unique to

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Are global traveller’s driving the business case for EMV?

Visa Inc. and MasterCard recently announced plans to accelerate chip migration in the United States by 2015; long overdue some may say. This includes the initial approach of migrating the payment infrastructure over to accept EMV® and NFC technology (contactless). Additionally, most other payment infrastructures

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