Challenges and Opportunities for Online Payments in e-Commerce

Exclusively written for payxintl.comby Jeff Bread Like most activities, shopping has moved from a physical landscape to a digital one. The rise of e-commerce has steadily grown in the past few years, accelerated by the pandemic. As online shopping became the norm, the demand for

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The Digital Transformation of Banking: Opportunities and Challenges

Written by Alicia Edwards The COVID-19 pandemic has forced industries all around the world to innovate in order to continue their operations. The banking industry is no exception. Since the lockdown, banks have had to move their services online. That, in itself, is a technological

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Payments FinTech Bubble – Where next?

A key question affecting everyone in Payments, we look at opinions from both sides from market specialists. What we know for sure is that few FinTechs have hit it big, of course the golden question is, which are the lucky few doing what & who get to play and win?

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Uberization of money by Wall Street Journal

The Uberization of Money   The familiar middlemen of 20th-century banking and investing are giving way to something very different. Are we ready for the opportunities—and the risks?   Imagine that you want to buy a home. You might find a real-estate agent to show

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The Evolution of Electronic Payments

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A day in the life of mobile payments 2015

Mobile Payment 2015 [infographic]Compliments of Mobile Payments Today

The Mobile Wallet Infographic

Kindly provided by M For Mobile. For more information on this and The Mobile Wallet Summit 2013 visit their site at

The Tipping Point of Mobile Payments

According to Wikipedia, a tipping point is ‘a point in time when a group —or a large number of group members— rapidly and dramatically changes its behaviour by widely adopting a previously rare practice.’ In a PayX blog in December 2012 we talked about Mobile

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What is a Mobile Payment?

The most important mobile payment infographic. Ever. Compliments of

What’s in Your Wallet?

My kids gave me a new Union Jack wallet for Christmas, forcing me to answer the question in Capital One’s old adverts, “What’s in your wallet?” Capital One credit card (the advert worked!), personal debit card, business debit card, supermarket credit card, 2nd debit card,

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