PSD2- why such a slow burn?

So PSD2 arrived in a flurry of nothing. As underwhelming as it was entirely predictable..

How Prepared Are You For PSD2?

Are you hard at work making sure that your organization will be ready for PSD2 in time? You’re not alone.

How APIs Will Make or Break Your Success with PSD2 and Open Banking | SmartBear

SmartBear presents How APIs Will Make or Break Your Success with PSD2 and Open Banking, 22nd Feb 2018 at Portershed, Eyre Square, Galway City

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Of PSD2 | Protiviti – United Kingdom

Much has been written in recent times about the way in which FinTech companies are disrupting the financial services market and how Challenger Banks are set to dislodge traditional global banking groups. In many respects the market is reminiscent of the rapid expansion across the American West in the 18th century. A mad dash by those with entrepreneurial spirit and a thirst for adventure to find unclaimed fertile land, to stake a claim, build a homestead and raise cattle. A tale of conquest, a battle for survival, the marking of trails for others to follow and the eventual establishment of…

Banks should open-up beyond PSD2 to deliver on the innovation promise

PSD2, and the concept of XS2A in particular, can be viewed as an important catalyst to accelerate change in payments, innovative banking applications and respective business models by leveraging payment functionality and account information, but might in itself not deliver on all its expectations. Open Banking can solve issues that follow from PSD2 and deliver on PSD2 XS2A’s promise of innovation through openness.

ORCA & PSD2 — a match made in heaven? – ORCA Alliance –

ORCA Alliance is an European-wide project consisting of an international team of experts, enthusiasts, field professionals and academics with passion for innovation, game-changing ideas…

UK: Konsentus launches solution for PSD2 compliance | The Paypers

Konsentus has become the first company to launch an API-based permission and consent management service for financial institutions (FI) in Europe to enable them comply with PSD2 open banking.

PSD2 compliant two factor authentication – Information Security Stack Exchange

According to PSD2 the elements of the multi-factor authentication must be independent so the compromise of one element does not compromise the other.

talks PSD2 #10: How Open Banking will change the world!

This is the 10th episode of the ‘figo talks PSD2’ podcast. The guests are talking about different understandings of Open Banking, the impacts for Europe and about comparable developments in the US, Asia and Oceania. Tune in and find out how Open Banking will change the world!

Come and hear us at the GDPR and PSD2 Forum in Amsterdam on 19th February

How lenders can win from Europe’s regulatory shake-up? Compliance is necessary but it poses an ever-evolving challenge. It has an impact on resources, manpower and capacity for many businesses. But ensuring concrete business benefits for every euro spent on regulation is possible and should be a commercial goal in today’s competitive environment. says Experian consultant Damien Prevosto. New research among nearly 600 senior decision-makers across the EU reveals four out of five (80%) are not… Come and hear us at the GDPR and PSD2 Forum in Amsterdam on 19th February