ACI’s 2014 Analyst Day

ACI’s 2014 Analyst Day





ACI Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ: ACIW) undertook the November ACI 2014 Analyst Day recently in
Naples, Florida. ACI took the opportunity to discuss the current market, its strategic objectives, its
evolution and projections of its overarching “UP” strategy, and its financial company performance.
ACI’s presented 12 Strategic imperatives based on industry trends, including:

  • Online, real-time; trumps all other trends
  • Technology is key in addressing payments business pricing pressures
  • Cloud as a delivery model for payments is inevitable
  • Omni-channel is a must
  • Rapid growth in emerging markets will change the global payments landscape

ACI’s UP Strategy was an increasing core focus. It presented the journey and tracking how it has built
up the strategy over time, stressing a flexible and fluid initiative that year-on-year brings new layers
to address new issues or opportunities. ACI’s acquisitions in this journey, latest being ReD have
allowed it to diversify and cover solutions to much of the wider Payments industry vertical. Case
studies were cited using customers enhancing their businesses through working successfully with

ACI discussed its Software License vs Software as a Service (SaaS) mix and advised that the industry
and ACI’s performance is moving (and more rapidly than they had anticipated) to the Software as a
Service side. The revenues from the Software as a Service side is seen as more predictable on a
quarterly basis as the revenues are smoothed and spread out more consistently over the term.

Certainly over the last few years ACI has delivered very successfully to its shareholders and stated it
intends to continue and improve on that in the coming years.

The conclusion, as stated by Phil Heasley, CEO, was that ACI is leading the way in a disruptive
payments landscape, and ACI is seeing itself becoming an industry standard, in much the same way
organisations like ERP vendors such as SAP operate. The opportunities are very large and exciting

To register to access the recorded webcast of the ACI Analyst Day, please follow the ACI link here.

Disclaimer: These are PayX own opinions and interpretations from the event and not to be taken as fact represented by ACI. ACI Universal Payments is a registered Service Mark of ACI Worldwide Inc.

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