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PayX is a well known specialist global Payments Market Analyst, Consultancy & Nextgen (FinTech) portfolio firm. We are now the trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading payment organisations where we utilise our knowledge and experience to extend their success. PayX has established itself since 1996 as a thought leader in the international Payments Industry working with many of the top leading payment organisations (such as Banks, Processors, Vendors and FinTech) and the leading Investment Community players (Institutional Banks, Wall Street, Private Equity etc), both covering 5 continents. PayX is one of the very few firms who truly understands the macro and nuance levels of the Payments Industry, leveraging experts with unrivaled knowledge and experiences from across the globe, to deliver quality end-to-end results from market insight and strategy, through to business development, through to delivering and operating what was promised.


Our Top 3 Services 


  1. Fees and Pricing Optimisation – Assisting clients to optimise their profitability with detailed mapping and clear visibility into their critical costs, identifying material savings quickly
  2. Infrastructure Modernisation – Helping clients quantify and reduce current infrastructure costs, align with modernisation objectives and future proof capabilities.
  3. New Revenue Streams with NextGen Payments – Transforming a legacy business into a Next-Gen one that maximises revenue potential, profitability, and competitive position.

PayX Market & Strategic Assessment

The PayX Acquiring and Switching Vendor Comparison Report in its 11th year, presents an in-depth objective analysis on the top 18 payments software vendors/products.

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PayX Corporate & Business Development

Future Payments Business and Roadmaps are easy to debate but hard to structure a quality process which delivers tangible outcomes. Use our Payments Infrastructure Roadmap Healthcheck – PayX-DPE™ and see how easy it can be.

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PayX Business Optimisation

Card Business Model and Operational Model refinement – almost all Card Business Units need a future sustainability review concluding with refinement or reinvention.

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Payments Systems Production Migration

We deliver turnkey Migration Services from one platform to another, whether application or hardware.

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EMV: Accelerated Roll Out

PayX works with some of the top EMV experts in the world to take your organisation through this challenging process.

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Mobile Payments

PayX can help with all your Mobile projects and have designed workshops to provide an understanding of the mobile landscape.

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