2017 predictions for FinTech

Technology has altered every industry, but there are few sectors that have experienced as much change as the payments and financial services market.  From both a technological perspective and as a result of an increase in competition, the services available are growing fast and customer expectations are also on the increase as a consequence.  The types of payment services now available are prolific; from online payments, mobile payments, to contactless cards, phone wallets and more.  In terms of the providers, they too are plentiful, and there has been a diversification of the ‘traditional’ industry leaders – bank and card issuers – to more innovative, disruptive companies that are finding and exploiting niches in the industry, stealing ground from the stalwarts.  More often than not, it seems to be the providers and solutions that put the customer first which win out; and it’s this which will define 2017. 

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.itproportal.com

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