PSD2 represents a huge opportunity – will it be seized?

Despite the uninspiring name, PSD2 has the potential to be revolutionary for consumers, fintechs and the traditional players in banking

PSD2 takes effect without ‘open banking’ APIs ready at most banks

The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) was implemented in UK law by the new Payment Services Regulations. Under the new regime banks, building societies and other account holding institutions are obliged to enable third party ‘account information service providers’ (AISPs) and ‘payment…

What is Open Banking and PSD2? WIRED explains

The complete guide to Open Banking in the UK and PSD2, the Second Payment Services Directive, and how it will change banking forever

Banks face a seismic technological upheaval – PSD2 is only the start

The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) came into force across the EU last Saturday, opening access to consumers’ financial data to thousands of

PSD2 to drive fundamental banking shift within five years. ~

Banker surveys across 19 European regions find over a third think banking will experience a fundamental shift in the next five years

PSD2 – a Challenge or an Opportunity?

PSD2, which comes into effect this weekend, is an evolution and extension of existing regulation for the payments industry.

PSD2: New era, or old problems?

PSD2 is a step forward for European payments innovation, but it needs to take care not to stifle the very growth it seeks to stimulate.

Welcome to the post PSD2 world!

Welcome to the world of Open Banking! As of Saturday PSD2 is finally alive and what has been discussed and shaped for many many months is now finally reality in most EU countries (but not all since a few have delayed its implementation). And of course “is now reality” means only in the regulative perspective…

The brave new world of open banking: a bit more on PSD2

The 13th of January 2018 is an important date in advancing the framework of financial consumer protection.

PSD2: unintended consequences

Robert McKay, Managing Director of Accuity, tells FX-MM that while PSD2 presents an opportunity for consumers, banks, payment providers and merchants, it may inhibit straight-through processing.